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Our Mission

Clean Energy to Power your Life

Solar power, energy storage and smart building controls are fundamentally changing the way people work, play and live, but the rate of progress isn’t fast enough.

We’re dedicated to accelerating the movement toward a better human habitat that protects the planet we all call home. We’re doing this by lowering the cost of equipment, installation and financing. At the same time, we’re focused on improving the experience of going solar, storing solar and being solar.

Our Project

A Global Smart Energy Blockchain

The world is becoming decentralized. Monolithic power companies are being replaced by residential, commercial and community solar projects and monolithic search, social and ecommerce platforms are being disrupted by blockchain companies.

We’re building a web, mobile and decentralized blockchain application platform for equipment manufacturers, installers, financing providers and their customers. We’ll use this platform to collaborate on the deployment of solar power capacity, energy storage, microgrid distribution and smart building controls.

"The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it."
― Robert Swan


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Executive, Energy and Entrepreneurial Experience

Jay Williams

Chief Growth Officer

E-learning, telecommunications and solar marketing guru.

Richard Deal

Chief Solar Officer

Deep experience with energy generation, storage, embedded systems and controls.

Advisory Board

Walid Halti


Philanthropist, Co-Founder at Dvinci Energy, Best-Selling Author.

David Levine


Quantum etymologist, perpetual entrepreneur, post-punk post-carbon.

Howard Teich


"Fight like your world depends on it — because your world depends on it."
― An Inconvenient Sequel

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