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Our Mission

Birth experiences to break the bounds of the physical world

Microdose VR combines art, music and dance into a real-time transformation tool that breaks through the creative limitations of time and space. You’ll experience gaming as a new medium of expression never before possible.

Using your biofeedback rhythms and full body movements, Microdose VR induces a creative flow state, transporting you into a magical world of intoxicating shapes and colors, where your heartbeat, breath and motion will conjure an original rapturous, immersive vision that engages, entices and thrills.

Our Project

Living Art in Games without Limits

Microdose VR is developing a platform and initial asset library for a boundless creative universe of music, art and dance with integrated, challenging massively-multiplayer gameplay. Creators from across the globe will be rewarded for contributing original audio and visual elements, as well as game dynamics. During that journey from the capital markets to fund debt or equity instruments, money would be lost to brokers, waste and inefficiency.

The Microdose universe will be available for access through home VR gaming systems, in clubs and gatherings and at large-scale concerts and dedicated events.

"The future is here. It’s just not widely distributed yet."
― William Gibson


Featured video: Anticlimax by CloZee is experienced in Microdose VR with visuals by Android Jones.

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Because our materials describe a security token or pre-sales security being offered under several SEC exemptions, you will be directed to the document repository appropriate for the status of your accreditation and verification.

"Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one."
― Albert Einstein


Art, Entertainment and Engineering Experience

Android Jones

Creative Director / Producer

A global independent art sensation, with over 15 years experience in the video game industry.

Evan Bluetech

Audio Engineer / Producer

Evan is an internationally recognized touring music producer with over 27 album/EP releases in the last 15 years, and a seasoned portfolio of video game and film scoring credits.

Scott Hedstrom

Chief Technical Officer

For more than 15 years, Scott has been working in technical engineering positions for a large range of companies, bringing a mixture of technical understanding & creativity that has helped countless projects succeed.

Anson Phong

Designer / Director

An animation pipeline engineer, operations system developer and web technologies expert.

"Nobody is as smart as everybody."
― Kevin Kelly

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