Introducing Indecoin: The First Token to Transform a Watt of Power Into a Digital Asset Tradable on the Blockchain

Indeco provides shared ownership in the assets that make a smart planet hum. These assets include solar panels to generate energy, batteries for energy storage, microgrids for effective energy distribution and systems to manage smart dwellings. By bringing liquid capital in the form of exchangeable tokens to this global market, we can meet the growing challenge of increasing clean energy capacity while building wealth and improving quality of life around the world and right here at home.

Evolution of Internet Platforms

Technology innovation drives digital commerce.

Web Transactions

In the early days of ecommerce, businesses set up websites to allow customers on the internet to order goods and services.

Cloud Services

With virtualization, companies could cost-effectively provide subscription services, gaining long-term revenue streams and improving margins.

Mobile On-Demand

The advent of smartphones created the gig economy, with lodging, rides, delivery and tasks available anywhere, at any time.

Blockchain Ownership

The blockchain transforms goods and services into tradable crypto assets. Token holders share in value-generating networks.

SEC Compliance: Why It's Important

By complying with SEC regulations designed to protect investors, we aim to make crypto assets an important part of every investment portfolio.

We believe issuing Indecoin as a security will improve the liquidity, stability, availability and value of our token and increase access to clean, affordable power worldwide.

Reg CF

Under the SEC’s Regulation Crowdfunding rules everyone in the US can participate in our pre-sale, regardless of income level or net worth, with a check, credit card or debit card.

Reg D

The Reg D exemption allows accredited investors anywhere in the world to participate in our pre-sale with check, credit card, debit card, paypal, bitcoin or ether.

Reg A+

We are planning an ICO under Reg A+ early next year, subject to qualification by the SEC, for issuance to the general public.

A Crypto Asset That Fuels a Cleaner Economy

Timeline: Where We've Been & Where We're Going



Featured video: Indeco CEO David Levine is interviewed by Peter Armstrong on the popular CBC show "On the Money" about the regulation of cryptocurrencies shortly after the SEC froze the assets of a Quebec company that had raised $15 million in a non-compliant ICO.

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White Paper

Book Lock

Because our White Paper describes a security token being offered under the SEC’s Regulation Crowdfunding rules, we can only provide our full White Paper in our complete offering memorandum, which is available once you have registered on our site.

A brief summary of our White Paper is available on our blog.

A Crypto Asset for a Better Human Habitat

Management: Executive, Entrepreneurial and Engineering Experience

D levine

David Levine

Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder

CEO of Geostellar, perpetual entrepreneur, Yale grad.

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J tutela

Joey Tutela

VP Engineering, Co-Founder

Former VP Engineering of Geostellar. Rock hard abs, rock solid code.

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The Team

M wirt

Mark Wirt

Master of Analytics

Physicist, scientific computing aficionado and big data guru.

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A fowler

Abby Fowler

Art Director

UX, illustration and typographic design master.

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B randall

Beau Randall

Senior Software Engineer


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M melmon

Matthew Melmon

Senior Software Engineer

Live to code, code to live.

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J easterly

Jennifer Easterly

Marketing Manager

Crypto nerd, support specialist, all-around everything for everyone.

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Board of Directors

R bruemmer

Russell Bruemmer


Retired Partner and Chair WilmerHale Financial Institutions Group, Former CIA General Counsel, Chief Counsel-Congressional Affairs for the FBI.

More about Russ...

D denson

Denise Denson


Angel Investor & Advisor, Golden Seeds; Former EVP Global Content Distribution, Viacom.

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P feldman

Paul Feldman

Board Chair

Currently Board Director of Opus One Solutions and EnergySec; Advisor to several energy companies. Previous Chairman, Midcontinent ISO; CEO of Columbia Energy; Utilicorp United; GM of Novell, and VP of AT&T.

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J hembrock

Jeff Hembrock


Investor, Advisor to Bioverse & New Fashion Pork; Former President, Miller Brewing Company.

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D heyman

David Heyman


Founder, Smart City Works; Former Assistant Secretary for Policy, Department of Homeland Security; Senior Advisor, DOE.

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Advisory Board

D casto

Dan Casto


Dan is Chief Financial Officer and General Counsel for VOR Technology. Specialist in legal and accounting aspects of securities law as it applies to digital assets.

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S khan

Suleman Khan


Structured finance guru specializing in energy generation and storage. Swell, Tesla, NRG Energy and Citigroup.

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J kay

Jason Kay


Advisor to the Chief Creative Officer, Magic Leap; Venture Partner, AID Partners; Former Chief Strategy Officer, THQ; Executive Consultant, HBO; Business Development Executive, Activision.

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J lamkin

Jeff Lamkin


Head of trading in Chicago for the CMT Asset Management, manages high frequency trading operations, oversees the development of cryptocurrency trading strategies and infrastructure.

“Every time you spend money, you're casting a vote for the kind of world you want.”

― Anna Lappé, Small Planet Institute

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